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Dear New Member,

Welcome to SCBWI! We’re so pleased to have you join the community of those who put words and art in the hands of children and young adults. If you live in one of the New England states, as soon as you became a SCBWI member, you also became part of NESCBWI. If you have any questions about being a new member after reading this page and exploring the website, you can contact any of our Regional Advisors, Assistant Regional Advisors, Illustrator Coordinators, or Volunteers. For New Member specific questions contact Andrea Petitte, our New Member Coordinator.

New England is a large region, both geographically and demographically, so we have a team (the RT) of Regional Advisors (RAs), Illustrator Coordinators (ICs) and Assistant Regional Advisors (ARAs). We also have lots of regional volunteers. You can find more about all of us here.

If you are looking for a critique group, get more information about our critique group coordinators or to start a new group, click here or go to visit

Your regional team communicates in a number of ways. Here’s what you can expect: An email with a link to the newsletter four times a year, a weekly email about Meet & Greets throughout the region. Occasional emails about workshops and other events, including the annual conference. You’ll receive all these emails at whatever email address you listed in your SCBWI profile, so please make sure you keep that email address up to date. 

In addition, we have a google group that you may subscribe to hereYou may post to the google group at any time to announce book signings, personal events, or to ask questions but if you are going to post an event that is not run by SCBWI or NESCBWI we ask that you start your post: This is not a NESCBWI event but may be of interest to members.

You’ll find New England SCBWI on social media:

Again, welcome to NESCBWI! We hope to see you in real life or in virtual reality. Happy writing! Happy illustrating!

Your New England RT