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The NESCBWI Windows & Mirrors Scholarships – Deadline TBA

NESCBWI believes that all children deserve to have books that serve as both mirrors and windows into the diverse human experience. With the goal of broadening access to our conferences and supporting diverse voices, we are excited to announce six scholarships for writers and illustrators from groups historically marginalized and underrepresented in children’s literature.  Read more …


The Jane Yolen NESCBWI Scholarship

The Jane Yolen NESCBWI Scholarship recognizes Jane Yolen’s tremendous contribution to the New England SCBWI Region. Each year at the NESCBWI regional conference, Jane randomly draws a name out of a bucket, and the winner receives free tuition to the next year’s conference. The only qualification is that the winner must be a member of SCBWI.


Memorial Scholarships

NESCBWI is proud to announce our Memorial Scholarships (formerly known as the Ann Barrow Scholarship and the Ruth Landers Glass Scholarship). Applicants need to be members of NESCBWI and residents of New England. They do not need to be registered for the 2020 conference to be eligible for any of the scholarships.


Memorial Scholarship for Illustrators (formerly known as The Ann Barrow Scholarship)  Deadline TBD. 

NESCBWI will award a scholarship to the New England conference in memory of illustrators in New England who passed in the previous year. This was formerly known as the Ann Barrow Scholarship. Ann was a dedicated SCBWI member & teacher, who illustrated over 20 children’s books including Big Blue, published by Charlesbridge in 2004, Butterflies in My Garden, published by Mondo in 2003, and Growing up Abenaki, written by Joseph Bruchac, published by Rigby in 2003. Her career began in 1977 and included book jackets, children’s magazines, greeting cards, giftware, and portraiture. She was killed in 2006 in a tragic car accident. Read more…


Memorial Scholarship for Writers (formerly known as Peg Devol Scholarship and The Ruth Landers Glass Scholarship) – Deadline TBD

NESCBWI will award two (2) scholarships to the New England conference for writers: One for picture book/poetry in memory of picture book and poetry writers in New England who passed in the previous year, and one for novel writers in memory of novelists in New England who passed in the previous year. This was formerly known as the Peg Davol Scholarship for Picture Books and the Ruth Landers Glass Scholarship for writers. Ruth Landers Glass was an active member in NESCBWI who nurtured aspiring writers. She was an artist, writer, and founding member of two Newton, Massachusetts, critique groups that helped many writers move toward publication. The scholarship provides writers with an opportunity to attend next year’s NESCBWI conference for one full day. Read more…




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