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Shortly after establishing a SCBW critique group at the Boston Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts, Sue Burgess began writing and distributing the SCBW Boston-Area Workshop Newsletter. The one-page typed sheet copied onto brightly colored paper included membership updates and local events of interest to writers.

When Sue began a second critique group at the Westwood Public Library in Westwood, Massachusetts, she expanded her monthly newsletter and renamed it the SCBW Boston Newsletter.

In 1984, following Sue’s appointment as the SCBWI New England Regional Advisor, the SCBW Boston Newsletter took on a regional perspective and began to be distributed more widely. To reflect this change, it was renamed the SCBW New England NEWS. Sue continued to edit the monthly newsletter, but other members took over the responsibility of printing it and mailing it to members. The newsletter’s first production coordinator was Mary Ann Sullivan.

NEWS Production Coordinators
1985            Mary Ann Sullivan
1986-1987 Pat Clevland
1987-1988 Holly Ferguson
1988-1990 Margo Lemieux
1990-1993 Jane Israel
1993-1997 Karen Froeberg
1997-2001 A. Michelle

In 1988, Sue Burgess resigned as Editor of the SCBW New England NEWS and Jackie French Koller filled the position. When Jackie stepped down from the post in 1990, Margo Lemieux volunteered to take over the job. Margo has been the driving force behind the newsletter ever since. She suggested the popular “From the RA’s Desk” column and has overseen several redesigns over the years.

NEWS Editors
1980-1988 Sue Burgess
1988-1990 Jackie French Koller
1990-          Margo Lemieux

When SCBW became SCBWI in 1992, the monthly newsletter became the SCBWI New England NEWS. That same year, as the New England Region was reorganized, the Production Coordinator’s duties were more clearly defined and the position of Subscription Coordinator was created.

NEWS Subscription Coordinators
1989-1992  Joyce Stengel and Alessia Erwin-Cowee
1993-1997  Paula Bozoian
1997-2000 Kathy Pacheco
2000-2001 Fran Hodgkins
2001-2009 Marilyn Salerno
2009-2010 Francine Puckly

As the Region continued to grow, producing the newsletter became increasingly time consuming. In 1995, the NEWS became a bi-monthly newsletter. In 1997, the staff expanded to include a Market News Editor, and in 2002, the Production Coordinator title was changed to Copy Editor to better reflect the shifting responsibilities of the position.

NEWS Market News Editors
1997-1999    Barbara Keevil Parker
2000             Carol M. Harris
2000-2002 Toni Buzzeo
2002-2006 Verlie Hutchens
2006-           J. L. Bell

NEWS Copy Editor
2002-2005 A. Michelle

When Central New England Regional Advisor J. L. Bell announced that he’d be stepping down from his post in 2005, Margo Lemieux agreed to fill that position, but she continued to act as NEWS Editor. Later that year, the position of NEWS Calendar was created. When A. Michelle resigned as Copy Editor, Margo took on that responsibility and was given the new title Editor-in-Chief.

NEWS Calendar Editors
2005-2005 Beverly Fratoni
2006-2013 Kathy Carroll
2014-2014  A. M. M. Childs

NEWS Editor-in-Chief
2006-         Margo Lemieux

In 2010, after 30 years of publication, the Regional Team decided to make the NEWS more cost efficient and environmentally friendly by publishing it as an e-newsletter. This allowed the NEWS staff to expand the page count and include several feature articles in each issue. Because the online newsletter was offered to members free of charge, the NEWS Subscription Coordinator position was phased out and a Features Editor position was created. Francine Puckly served in that role until 2013, when it was eliminated. Around the same time, Kate Lynch volunteered to gather information for a new section called Member News. This popular column highlights notable accomplishments of Regional members.

NEWS Features Editor
2010-2013 Francine Puckly

NEWS Member News Editors
2013-2018 Kate Lynch
2018-          Carol Munroe

Also, in 2013, the NEWS stopped relying on artwork submitted by members and began actively soliciting photos of regional events.

When A. M. M. Childs stepped down as Calendar Editor in 2015, that position was eliminated, although information and articles about upcoming SCBWI programs are still included in the newsletter.

Throughout the years, members have looked to the SCBWI NE NEWS—the oldest continually-published regional SCBW(I) newsletter—for information about marketing and upcoming events as well as articles on craft, submissions, and book publicity and promotion. The success of the newsletter is the result of the hard work of its staff as well as the more than 170 writers and illustrators who have contributed their ideas, insights, and artistic creations.

People who have contributed ILLUSTRATIONS to the SCBWI NE NEWS:
Margot Apple
Katie Smith Atkinson
Mary Brigid Barrett
Ann Barrow
Beth Blair
Janice Boland
Anna Boll
Sarah S. Brannen
Elise Burgess
Bonnie Christensen
Frances Clem
Carmen Conal
Jacqueline N. Day
Joyce Deedy
Anne M. DeFelippo
Michael John dePierro
Betsy Devaney
Jana Dillon
Laura B. Dowling
William F. Dyan
Sheila Foley
Doris Gayzagian
Michael Glasser
Elizabeth Glixman
Deb Gould
Eileen Grace
Emily Hall
Nancy Ann Hain
Joan DeGryse Hansen
Carol Hillman
Ioana Hobai
Sharon Lane-Holm
Kathleen Collins Howell
Amy Huntington
Kathleen Kudlinski
Cristin Lang
Lisa Laughy
Margo Lemieux
Pamela R. Levy
Sandra Maccarrone
Amanda Marone
A. Michelle
Judith Moffatt
Donna Moseman
Stacy Mozer
Jane Mruczek
Cheryl Kirk Noll
Denise Ortakales
Kathy Parkinson
Carol Perry
Eileen Pettingill
Zoe Tilley Poster
Andrea Richter
Heidi Drew Ridgeway
Anita Riggio
Pat Riley
Anna Saterstrom
Anindita Basu Sempre
B. Sturgess
Melissa Sweet
Nicole S. Tagdell
Victoria Tentler-Krylov
Maureen Tracy
Elisa Turnbull
Edith Twining
Traci Van Wagoner
Joy Nelkin Weider
Kathy Weller
Martha Westlund
Leslie Breen Withrow
Anne Wert
Nicole Wong
Marjory Wunsch

People who have WRITTEN FOR  the SCBWI NE NEWS:
Angela Ackerman
Nancy Ahern
Janet Arden
Kristine Carlson Asselin
Barbara Barrett
Hayley Barrett
Ann Barrow
Lisa Rose Bauer
J. L. Bell
Donna Berger
Anna Boll
Sarah S. Brannen
Linda Crotta Brennan
Elizabeth Brown
Sue Burgess
Toni Buzzeo
Kelly Carey
Linda Carmichael
Kathy Carroll
Sage Cohen
Pat Lowery Collins
Jenn Costas
Russ Cox
Barbara Ford Doyle
Joan Felde Duris
Carol Gordon Ekster
Marion Eldridge
Eugie Foster
Josh Funk
Dave Goodale
Joan Felde
Kelly Ramsdell Fineman
Greg R. Fishbone
Beverly Fratoni
Donna Freedman
Nancy Garden
Gail Gauthier
Casey Girard
Desiree Glassi
Janice Gold
Mary Lamb Greene
Katie Gustafson
Jesse Haas
Carol M. Harris
Suzanna E. Henshon, Ph.D.
Kathy Cryan Hicks
Linda Oatman High
Sandra Horning
Linda K. Hubert
Kathryn Hulick
Verlie Hutchens
Jennifer Jacobson
Judith Jango-Cohen
Kathy Quimby Johnson
Joyce Shor Johnson
Lorraine A. Jay
Loretta Kapinos
Heather Kelly
Jackie French Koller
Jan Kozlowski
Marty LaPointe-Malchik
Rajini LaRocca
Kathryn Lay
John Lechner
Anne LeMieux
Margo Lemieux
Alissa M. Libby
Suzanne Lieurance
Elaine Wernik-Majesky
Amanda Marrone
A. Michelle
Julianna Spink Mills
Donna Morin
Stacy Mozer
Jane Mruczek
Carol Munroe
Laurie Murphy
Ginger Nelson
Cheryl Kirk Noll
Anne Sibley O’Brien
Anna Olswanger
Alice Orr
Denise Ortakales
Barbara Keevil Parker
Milanka Reardon
Anita Riggio
Sally Riley
Sera Rivers
Rebecca Roan
Cindy L. Rodriguez
Kate Ross
Laura Purdie Salas
Marilyn Salerno
Ruth Sanderson
Natasha Sass
Patty Lyman Schremmer
Anindita Basu Sempere
Linda Shaughnessy
Pegi Deitz Shea
Martha Simpson
Melissa Stewart
Marilyn Taylor
Harold Underdown
Debra Wainwright
Sally Wilkins
Nancy Hope Wilson
John Winters