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The first SCBWI New England website

In 1998, Regional Coordinator Linda Crotta Brennan approached Jan Kozlowski about starting a website for our region. Jan had received her Website Design Certificate in 1996 and agreed to set up a basic site so that members of the region would be able to find information, communicate effectively, and in general, make even better use of their SCBWI memberships.

The website went into development in August 1998 and was launched on January 26, 1999. It was designed using HTML and was a simple two-column style that featured pages for Announcements, Critique Groups, Illustrators, the Regional Newsletter, Links, Regional Events, a NE-SCBWI Contact List, and individual pages for retreats and conferences. The website proved to be a popular resource, and Jan continued to add features and links.

In September 2000, after following some of the early web logs by Moira Allen and Crawford Killian, Jan Kozlowski decided to begin NE-SCBWI Web Log: Jan’s Internet Tidbits, Writing Links and Miscellaneous Items of Interest. (At that time, the word “blog” didn’t exist.) Since there was no blogging software available, each time Jan posted an entry she had to update the HTML code on the website.

Jan Kozlowski and Greg FishboneIn October 2001, Greg Fishbone presented Jan and the RAs with a proposal to update and expand the website. Since Greg’s educational background and knowledge of new software applications and technologies far surpassed Jan’s skills, she was happy to pass the torch to someone who could take the website into the twenty-first century.

Greg officially became the Webmaster in January 2002 and redesigned the website several times over the next decade. In 2013, SCBWI Headquarters asked all the regions to close down their individual websites and migrate the content to the organization’s newly-redesigned main website. In this way, the SCBWI was able to create a consistent look for the organization at the regional, national, and international levels.

After the migration was complete, Greg’s duties included maintaining the website’s New England events calendar and making sure that New England event registrations through the website went smoothly.

After Greg resigned from his position in 2017, Shirley Pearson became our region’s webmaster in 2018. The Regional Team provides Shirley with information regarding all upcoming New England SCBWI events, and she keeps the website updated with this and other related information.



  • Jan Kozlowski   1998-2001
  • Greg Fishbone   2002-2017
  • Shirley Pearson 2018-