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Encore! grew out of two needs. First, many members expressed a desire for regular SCBWI programming beyond the Annual Spring Conference and the Whispering Pines retreat in Rhode Island. Second, some Spring Conference attendees have been disappointed that they could not attend more of the valuable workshops. Encore! was developed in the fall of 2007 to meet these needs. It is a one-day conference that repeats three or four of the most popular presentations from the Spring Conference–an "encore performance," if you will.

In Southern New England, RA Sally Riley approached Jean Brown, the director of the Alliance for the Study and Teaching of Adolescent Literature (ASTAL) at Rhode Island College. Jean was eager to develop an ongoing relationship with SCBWI and offered the facilities at Rhode Island College for the program. Working with Betty Brown and Linda Crotta Brennan, Sally planned a successful event with twenty-eight paying attendees in 2007. Despite Janet Arden's best efforts, the Encore! program held in New Hampshire did not draw enough attendees to break even. As a result, Encore! was discontinued in Northern New England. In 2008, the second Encore! program at Rhode Island College drew fifty-one attendees. Since then, the program has continued to gain momentum, and attendance has increased each year.

Year Coordinator Location
2006 Sally Riley Rhode Island College, Providence, RI
2007 Janet Arden Boys & Girls Club, Salem, NH
2008 Sally Riley Rhode Island College, Providence, RI
2009 Sally Riley Rhode Island College, Providence, RI
2010 Sally Riley Rhode Island College, Providence, RI