Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Annual Conference Co-Registrar(s)


Personable & Friendly?
Patient & Calm?
a Good Communicator?

If so, then please consider becoming the next Conference Co-Registrar!

NOTE: Although this is strictly a volunteer position, compensation can extend up to fully comped conference fees and hotel accommodation, depending on the hours spent volunteering. Another perk – You will get to know EVERYONE! You will be an essential piece of the conference, and a job done well will bring you great satisfaction!

The 2020 Conference will once again be held in Springfield, MA, on the first weekend of May, (1st-3rd). 

The Conference Registrar position covers conference preparation, execution, and evaluation. We are looking for 1-3 people to help fill this role. Shirley Pearson will be continuing as Co-Registrar as long as needed, but is hoping to eventually transition out of this position.

The work of the Conference Registrar can be broken down into several areas. If you are interested in any part of this job, please contact Shirley at, Central RA Kris Asselin at, or 2020 Conference Director Casey Robinson at


Registrar duties include:


(1) Evaluating registration software to use in 2020 and beyond (technical experience essential; time frame? as soon as possible).

(2) Consulting with Conference Directors regarding conference design, schedule and offerings that will affect logic of registration system (technical experience an asset, communication skills and logical thinking essential; time frame? late fall 2020).

(3) Creating registration form and supporting online documents (technical experience an asset, attention to detail essential; time frame? early winter 2019/2020).

(4) Monitoring the registrar gmail account once registration goes live.

(5) “Babysitting” registration data (juggling rooms/capacity, correcting errors, double-checking scheduling issues, applying requested data changes, assuring data conformity, etc.) and data trouble-shooting once registration goes live (attention to detail and excellent excel skills essential; time frame? from early spring 2020 until conference).

(6) Supporting conference leadership by providing data reports and analysis (attention to detail and excellent excel skills essential; time frame? from early spring 2020 until conference).

(7) Creating name tags (attention to detail and excellent excel skills essential; time frame? late-April 2020).

(8) Updating and printing all signage (attention to detail; time frame? late-April 2020).

(9) Write up explicit instructions for Registration and Information Table Volunteers and distribute in advance.

(10) Create Evaluation Form, using this year’s schedule to update last year’s form. Test.


(1) Put up/arrange signs.

(2) Arrange registration area, including Connections Board and tables for  Marketing Materials, Information/Orientation, Registration, Faculty, Critique Groups, and Door Prizes. Ensure adequate copies of various documents are available.

(3) Train first set of Registration and Information Table volunteers.


(1) Oversee registrant check-in and information table.

(2) Handle all registrant issues and requests.

(3) Any questions that you cannot answer, know who to ask to get an answer. Any problems that come up, know who to touch base with to solve the problem.

(4) Act as a command post for all conference-related communications, relaying messages to/from conference leadership.

(5) Ensure someone is present to answer questions throughout the conference, except during the evenings. The
registration desk is the central communication area of the conference
and it is essential to the flow of the conference that it be staffed the
entire weekend.


(1) Collect as much paper/plastic to recycle as possible.

(2) Collect lanyards and box up for next year.

(3) Collect signage to reuse.

(4) Make any data changes necessary stemming from conference (payments, no-shows, etc).


(1) Send out evaluations.

(2) Interpret data (attention to detail and excellent excel skills essential; time frame? late May) and distribute. [Data analysis/formatting, about 24-30 hours work]