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The RA Desk – Stacy Mozer (Nov/Dec 2018)

The RA Desk – (November/December 2018 Newsletter)
by Stacy Barnett Mozer Co-Regional Advisor, New England South

Looking at the Newsletter from one year ago today, I was reminded of how much change New England has seen in their regional leadership this year. In this RA Desk, I would like to thank those who worked hard to create the amazing New England region and to welcome the new team.

Northern New England (ME, NH, VT)

If you read last months RA Desk, you know that this year, Northern New England said good-bye to Regional Advisor Kathy Quimby Johnson. Kathy is still helping Northern New England with advice and guidance, but she decided to step down from the Regional Team. Thank you for all your help, Kathy!

Denise Ortakales, former Northern New England Illustrator Coordinator, stepped up to fill Kathy’s shoes. She was joined by Shawn Anderson as Northern New England Assistant Regional Advisor, and Russ Cox taking Denise’s position as Northern New England Illustrator Coordinator.

In addition, we have a new volunteer position of Northern New England Critique Group Coordinator. That role has been filled by critique group leader, Sally Wilkins.

Southern New England (CT, RI)

This year Southern New England said good-bye to long time Regional Advisor, Sally Riley. In her many years of service to New England, Sally established Encore and Whispering Pines. She also served, and continues to serve as our email list coordinator. But don’t worry, Sally isn’t going too far away. She is now a Regional Advisor Emeritus (RAE) and will continue to advise us and maintain the email list.

Stepping into her incredibly organized shoes is former Assistant Regional Advisor and Critique Group Coordinator, Stacy Mozer (me!). I have been joined by Christy Yaros as Southern New England Assistant Regional Advisor, and most recently, Jeanette Bradley as Southern New England Illustrator Coordinator.

In addition, we have Cindy Rodriguez as our Southern New England Critique Group Coordinator.

Central New England (MA)

Central New England has seen the most change and reorganization. Over the summer, Francine Puckly stepped down from her Assistant Regional Advisor position over the summer to make room for a Northern Assistant Regional Advisor Position. In her time as ARA, Francine organized many events including Agent Editor Day and Encore. She was also a strong voice for the region. We were sad to see her step down.

In addition, long time Regional Advisor, Illustrator, and the Editor-in-Chief of this News, Margo Lemieux, has stepped down as the Central Regional Advisor as of this month. Fortunately, she doesn’t plan to go anywhere and she still will be editing the Newsletter.

Taking over for Margo is Kristine Asselin, her former Assistant Regional Advisor. Kris already has the experience of being one of our former conference chairs and has run a multitude of regional events. We will be looking for volunteers in each part of the region to fill her former position of PAL Coordinator.

Joining Kris’s team and taking over the Central Assistant Regional Advisor position is Pam Vaughan. You may have seen Pam around as our conference photographer and as Whispering Pines Coordinator. We are very excited to add Pam to the Regional Team.

Milanka Reardon will continue as Central New England Illustrator Coordinator.

Central New England’s Critique Group Coordinator is Rajani LaRocca.

Serving All of New England

All of New England has the continued benefit of the leadership and advice of Marilyn Salerno. Marilyn has already been granted Regional Advisor Emeritus (RAE) status when she steps down next summer.

J. L. Bell, former RA, is continuing as our Marking News Editor. Carol Munroe is the Member News editor. Send your news to We want to know.

Shirley Pearson has joined us as webmaster.

Volunteers Still Needed

So that’s all the changes so far, but that doesn’t mean we are done. New England still needs more volunteers. If you are interested in helping run local events, meet-ups, illustration night outs, or helping to fill Kris former role as PAL coordinator (which will now be a local volunteer position), or if you have other ideas, please contact your local regional team. We can’t wait to hear from you.